Clause 1 - Name: ‘That’s Spirits’ contemporary spirits community

Clause 2 - Nature
Comprising bartenders, wine brands, bar owners and F&B managers, this is a voluntary nation-wide, non-profit association formed by wine-lovers. It is a voluntary group led by Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co. Ltd.

Clause 3 – Aims
In promoting the brands of spirits and to act as a bridge to connect with wine-lovers, we comply with the country’s laws, regulations as well as policies, and adhere to the moral standards of the society. We are passionate in serving the industry, enterprises and individuals and to develop China’s spirits industry, as well as to promote the spirits market and culture.

Clause 4 – ‘That’s Spirits’ contemporary spirits exchange and mission
1. To provide necessary guidance and services to members, and to offer training to bar managers and bartenders;
2. To increase awareness towards different brands of spirits within the community;
3. To collate, compile and promote knowledge on F&B, enriching social culture;
4. To convene social activities and exchanges between manufacturers and suppliers, and to offer spirits tasting to wine-lovers;
5. To develop cocktail culture in the country via That’s Spirits’s platform, increasing the awareness towards China’s cocktail industry and culture.

Clause 5 – Membership criteria
1.Quality enterprises within the spirits sector;
2.Individuals who support our mission and would like to join the industry association;
3.Prerequisites for members:
- Able to promote knowledge on spirits and the concepts and methods of scientific drinking;
- Individuals who work as bartenders, bar owners and F&B managers, and who can actively promote and develop good standards of the spirits industry.
- Individuals and enterprises should value reputation and comply with the country’s laws, regulations, tax policies;
- Members’ products should comply with national standards. All organizations should be free from customer complaints. They cannot be selling counterfeit products, products of poor quality;
- They should be enterprises and individuals that have considerable influence in the local spirits trade market;
- The enterprises and individuals should have a strong brand loyalty and work actively to liaise with manufacturers.
- The enterprises and individuals should have advanced sales and marketing concepts.

Clause 6 – Joining procedures
1.Complete application form for joining enterprises and individuals
2.Once approved by the community, the mission policies will be handed to members for confirmation
3.Joining Weixin and Weibo of ‘That’s Spirits’
4.For those who meet the joining criteria, the community will notify them to complete joining procedures in order to obtain membership and to enjoy members’ benefits;
5.‘That’s Spirits’ contemporary spirits community will issue membership cards and badges to its members, and will announce their membership via media and on the website;
6.Active members will be able to join as committee members for a higher level of enjoyment and participation;
7.Cultivating members is a core function of the organization. Based on voluntary principles and equality, members should help to promote membership, with an aim to increase membership each year.

Clause 7 – Members’ rights and obligations
1.‘That’s Spirits’ contemporary spirits community serves the overall benefits of the industry, helping to convey the opinions and aspirations of its members to the government via regular channels. At the same time, it helps the industry to promote, design, advertise and showcase professionals, offering a one-stop service to the sector;
2.‘That’s Spirits’ community offers its members an extensive service, including regular industry-wide gatherings, marketing experience sharing sessions, nation-wide product launches, market survey and communication, roadshow activities etc, so that it can encourage participation, collaboration and win-win situation for all.
3.‘That’s Spirits’ community offers different services such as industry-wide gatherings, performance opportunities such as bartenders roadshows, Shanghai Bar and Spirits Culture Festival, China Bartenders Association Championships and other spirits-related activities.
4.‘That’s Spirits’ community plans to meet in April and September each year, so as to maintain communication;
5.Both individuals and enterprises who have joined can benefit from the use of the That’s Spirits logo;
6.Members need to inform the committee duly as and when there is a change of address, telephone contacts, fax numbers or postcodes;
7.Each member is free to join or leave the association. Those who wish to leave the association should provide written notice to inform the community management
8.If any member is found to have violated the regulations severely, the community committee can pass a resolution to dissolve its membership;
9.The committee can endorse members who have contributed significantly to the community;
10.All rights reserved for ‘That’s Spirits’

Clause 8 - Organizational structure
‘That’s Spirits’ contemporary spirits community comprises a president and several vice-presidents, a secretary and several vice-secretaries. The community committee will include several members.
The secretary is responsible for the day-to-day work of the organization and to implement work plans. The vice-secretaries will assist the secretary’s work.